Blog #12: Black Lives Matter. The Nikon Post

So the days that followed the Nikon IG interview were tense as this was right when the senseless killing of George Floyd took place. This was very mentally and emotionally draining for me being a Black man and I was trying to find an outlet to help cope with all that I was dealing with. I ended up getting just a glimmer of sleep one night and had a dream of this concept.

"Although it’s been tough to sleep lately, this image/concept came to me in a dream. I had to bring it to light. We are unfortunately used to these things happening to us but this time it feels different. I pains me to think about how many senseless deaths I have witnessed by just simply going on social media. I feel helpless at times but I thank God everyday that I’m able wake up and take a breath. To kiss my wife. To hug my son. Not everyone has that luxury. For the life of me I don’t know why we are constantly treated this way but I will forever know we are not what they say. What they think. What they fear. We are much bigger than that. Much stronger than that."

Many companies were rightfully taking a stand and declaring Black Lives Matter in their commercials and social media platforms. While in the photography community we watched to see what the major brands would do. During this time Nikon reached back out to me and wanted to feature my image that they found powerful to not only direct people back to the Instagram Live interview but to showcase a Black photographer. Something that hasn't really been done very often. Many companies now have a spotlight illuminating the lack the diversity in many of their sponsorship programs and they are taking the steps to correct those wrongs. So i'm proud to be a small part in that change that's coming. Nikon shared this images across all social media platforms and it has been amazing to see the response I've received from people.

- DR

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