Blog #11: Whoa. The Nikon Interview

I can't begin to tell you how blessed I've been, even in the midst of this crazy pandemic. It's still all very surreal to me. I received another email from Nikon introducing me to other representatives there. They told me that many people there had been following my work and would like to see if I would be interested in participating in their Creator's Hour series. This was something they came up with doing the quarantine and a way for people to be inspired during this time. I of course immediately said yes and rushed to put in PTO at my full time job. They also needed some headshots for marketing material. I was already in need for some new shots so I stayed up until about 4:30a working on some images to send. I was extremely anxious and excited for the days leading up to the interview.

May 26th was the big day and I spoke with amazing Nikon photographer and legend, Mike Corrado. It went very well. The responses I have received since it went live have been unbelievable. I have had so many nice DMs and emails from people telling me that they really appreciated the interview, the tips I provided, etc. I've also had numerous requests to put out a tutorial as well - this is actually already in the works. I wrote a guide last year that I plan on putting in video format as well. I'll be speaking more on that soon.

But a sincere THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to the folks at Nikon and for everyone who has reached out! You are appreciated!

- DR

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