Blog #7: Oh, I shoot Film now too.

9/14/98 - This is when I started this whole thing. Way back when I was a junior in high school. I don't recall the brand of camera I used or my teacher's name but I remember how I felt. I loved the entire process of loading the film, taking photos, processing the film and being in awe of what I had created. Not because the pictures where that good but because shot them.Well, after sitting in amazing photographer Tyrenda Pentecost's Film Photography course at The Photo Cookout I was instantly inspired. So, in just days after I returned from the cookout I did two things. I bought 2 film cameras. (This is where I nerd out a bit so don't mind me lol) One being the same exact camera that my favorite photographer Gordon Parks used, a Nikon F. The very first Nikon with interchangeable lenses and the same camera Parks used to capture many of his iconic images. Then I also grabbed a Nikon N90s. This is a film camera with Auto Focus, making it easier and quicker to obtain sharp images.I plan to add film photography to my brand as an elite package for my clients. This is a look you cannot fully achieve with today's digital cameras and I'm excited to bring this back into my portfolio!

- DR

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