Blog #6: The Photo Cookout

The Photo Cookout.


The most important, the most exciting, most educational event I have ever participated in. Dr. Tomayia Colvin of Tomayia Colvin Education had a vision and last year started a conference with like-minded photographers, videographers and creatives that came together at a cookout in Atlanta and spent a few days learning from many talented creatives. But this conference looked different than many others have looked for decades - this event was lead by people of color. I've been to other conferences and workshops and I never felt as included as I did this year in New Orleans. It all started in a park with good food, good music and networking with people that would soon become family. We took over the city with our cameras, crowded the parks with softboxes and marched down Bourbon Street with a Second Line band. After all the photo walks and amazing workshops, we capped off the event with a Harlem Nights party. I left this experience motivated, inspired and with a bunch of "cousins" I have never met before. Check out this documentary (I make a cameo at the 10:27 mark!).

If you've ever felt excluded, not represented at a photography conference you won't experience that here. There were people here who are literal legends in the photography community and not once did you feel like you shouldn't be there. I will forever represent this event and the people in it because it has truly changed my life and how I will work my craft going forward. I highly recommend it to anyone!

- DR

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