Blog #5: When a Plan Comes Together - Darrell Antone Photography

Blog #5: When a Plan Comes Together

In less than a week I have done 2 photoshoots with models I have never worked with before and the pictures turned out A-MAZ-ING! I simply sent out a message on Instagram and got a response back. One shoot was set up about 12 hours ahead of time, the other, 2 HOURS! I learned two things with this:

- Have a clear vision of what you are looking for with this shoot. Have a concept, an idea for wardrobe.

- Location! You need to know where you will shoot and IF you can actually shoot there. Permits, time of day, fees can all play a part if you get to shoot or not.

- Be prepared and know what you are doing. You must know your settings! Noting worse than taking a million test shots while making the model stand and wait - especially in the hot sun!



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