Blog #2: The Michael's Challenge

I was contacted by Mel on Instagram saying she would like to collaborate as she’s getting into modeling and photography herself. I thought it was perfect timing because I wanted to jump in on the Michael’s Challenge. The #michaelschallenge, also known as the #hobbylobbychallenge or #uglylocationchallenge, is where you go into retail locations and setup a “photoshoot” using only the objects found in the store. I presented the idea and she thought it would be a great shoot. Once it was mentioned a few months ago that Michael's was actually encouraging people to come and take photos in their store I only felt it right to speak with the staff to give them a heads up.

I headed to the nearest Michael's and informed them of my plans. They were completely fine with it so I went to check out the flower aisles to get an idea of our spacing and the floral arrangements. The space would be tight but I was determined to capture some great images. I would definitely not be using my long lens! We of course went to the faux-flower aisle and got some amazing shots. I brought my flash but just a few minutes in I knew this should be a natural light shot. I had a lot of fun with this shoot - I recommend all photographers and models give this challenge a try!

- DR

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