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Blog #1: Tips for Great Headshots

Ok, so you are in need of a headshot but don't know where to start. Well here are few tips to consider to prepare for your shoot!

1. Clothing - If you do a quick Google search for headshot right now you will notice a theme. The vast majority of the subjects will have solid colored clothes on. This is ideal. Don't let the graphic tees, stripes or patterns distract the viewer from what's important in the photo - YOU!

2. Glasses - The rule of thumb is that if people see you mostly with your glasses on you should take your headshot with your glasses on. Make sure your lenses are as clean as possible. Dirt and fingerprints will show up and be very difficult to edit out.

3. Your Best Side - Everyone has a best side. Try to find yours and recommend you pose that way to the photographer. This will ensure that you are at least pleased with the side the photo was taken on.

4. HIRE A PROFESSIONAL! - This should be self-explanatory but unfortunately it's not. Stop using your shade-wearing car selfies or cropping your face out of a group picture for your LinkedIn profile! I've seen this too many times. You could have the best resume and experience out there but your iPhone-quality picture resembles a MySpace page. Attract attention by having a professional picture taken! Headshots are much less than you think!

5. Eyes - Peter Hurley is arguably the standard for headshots. He has termed the phrase called "Squinching". This is between a pinch and a squint of the eyes. If you can just slightly raise your bottom eyelid it makes your expression really come through. It provides a more confident and pleasing look.

6. Know What You Want - Yes, the photographer is the expert in this transaction, but he/she can't read your mind! Know the difference between natural or artificial lighting. Know if you want a white background, textured, black and white photo, environmental, etc. The photographer will need to know what is needed to execute this well.This detail will help provide the statement you are wanting to make.

7. Makeup - Ladies, you don't need a lot for these pictures to turn out well. Don't cake on the makeup! You're beautiful as you are and there's no correcting heavy makeup.

8. Smile - Smiles are a game changer. Who's more approachable - someone with a smile or someone who looks mad at the world?

There's nothing to it but to do it!

- DR


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